Ten Most Interesting Facts from ESPN’s 30 for 30: “The ’85 Bears”

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  1. The 1986 Bears hated Doug Flutie

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Maybe they all didn’t hate Doug Flutie, but Richard Dent sure did. We know the Bears have the label of one-year wonders, but they still were 14-2 in 1986 and had a chance to repeat. Jim McMahon missed the playoffs thanks to a horrible cheap shot from the Packers’ Charles Martin. Mike Ditka panicked and brought in Doug Flutie to quarterback the team rather than stick with Steve Fuller or Mike Tomczak.

Perhaps the Bears would have done better with one of their other QBs, but in my opinion, they weren’t winning without McMahon. Regardless, it’s clear that several of the Bears despised the decision to bring in Flutie and point to that as the main reason the Bears failed to repeat as champions. If you haven’t watched it yet, the amount Dent loathes that man is something to behold.