Ten Most Interesting Facts from ESPN’s 30 for 30: “The ’85 Bears”

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  1. The ’85 Bears were bigger stars off the field than they were on it

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This really isn’t a new piece of information, but the documentary does a great job capturing how much this team took over the city of Chicago, and really captivated America. Every player on that team, even the kicker Kevin Butler, was a local superstar, and before the years of social media and the Internet, this team still fascinated America.

The Bears had more endorsements than they could handle. Offensive linemen had posters. I remember it all, but it was great to relive it. The ’85 Bears are known as one of, if not the greatest team in NFL history, but how popular they were off the field is something that doesn’t live on much 30 years later. This documentary really brought this all back to life.