Ten Most Interesting Facts from ESPN’s 30 for 30: “The ’85 Bears”

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  1. The defensive players really loved Buddy Ryan

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We know that the defensive unit loved and respected Buddy Ryan. Hell, they carried him off the field after the Super Bowl victory. But listening to them talk about Ryan, watching Mike Singletary interact with him, hearing Dan Hampton talk about him like he was his second father, this brought that love and admiration to another level.

These players would go to the moon and back for Ryan. They knew Ditka was the head coach and respected him, but what they had for Ryan is something that I think has rarely been replicated since, especially in the era of free agency and how frequently coaches are fired. Ryan was the defensive coordinator for the Bears for several years, even before Ditka was the head coach. They formed a bond that was stronger than oak. They loved Buddy Ryan and he loved them.