Five Questions with Matt Forte

Credit: Bill Zimmerman
Credit: Bill Zimmerman /

Plenty of athletes and celebrities come to the Super Bowl every year. This year, during Super Week in San Francisco it was no different. Whether it was the Cast of Independence Day Resurgence, MLB hall of famer Ken Griffey, Jr, or countless NFL stars, it was a who’s who at radio row.

One of those stars was Chicago Bears running back (and pending free agent) Matt Forte. Forte sat down with FanSided’s BGO and talked about this season under John Fox, the young running backs on the roster and his pending free agency and if he thinks he’ll be in a Bears’ uniform in 2016.

Matt, this team may only have improved by one in the win column, but anyone who watched this team saw that the team was vastly improved and far more competitive from 2014 to 2015. What was year one like under John Fox?

Year One with John Fox was a big change. I think it was a breath of fresh air for the organization because of how he runs his team and what he does as a head coach. It was cool and it was nice to get under a coach like that who has that mentality that he’s not going to give up under any circumstances. I had fun playing under Coach Fox and had a great time. I think he, just like he did when he was with Denver and with Carolina, he changed those teams around, so I think he can do that with the Bears if you give him the time to do so.

Let’s talk about this season for you personally. You are a guy that seemingly is able to play 16 games almost every season. Was it frustrating for you dealing with an injury and spending some time on the shelf?

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No not really frustrating, it was just something you have to deal with. Football there’s going to be injuries. It’s not guaranteed that each year you’re going to be able to make it throughout  the whole  entire season without any significant injury. There’s always injuries, you’re always going to play with something hurting on you. I was just proud I was able to come back after just missing three games. I’ve had that injury before where I missed four, so I cut a week off of that and was able to come back earlier and finish pretty strong.

How about Jeremy Langford and Ka’Deem Carey. Carey you’ve been with for two years and Langford of course a rookie last season. They definitely showed some promise and some improvement. What did you see out of the two young guys?

Yeah, they both did a little bit better. Jeremy did great when I stepped out with the injury. He’s learned a lot with me being there and being in the same room. Ka’Deem , he’s learned a lot, he still has a lot to learn as well. But I think they both have made strides in the right direction.

Of course, Bears fans know how much you’ve meant to this franchise, but you are a free agent here, have you had any conversations with the Bears about extending your contract?

No I haven’t. I talked to them at the end of the season. Just waiting on free agency to come about, when that happens in March, I’ll be ready in March.

Are you hoping to return to Chicago or if things don’t work out are you ready to start the next stage of your career?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. There’s no hard feelings either way. Many guys have went to different teams. Peyton, Indianapolis didn’t want him and now he’s in the Super Bowl with Denver. DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys didn’t want him, he went to a different place and has made the Pro Bowl and he’s in the Super Bowl now too. There’s not a recipe for somebody to go somewhere else and not work out, it can. Greg Olsen was with us, and he got traded away and he’s now doing very well. My whole approach about this is if they don’t want me, then somebody else will.