5 Players Chicago Bears Must Target in Free Agency

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The Chicago Bears will be entering the 2016 free agency period with plenty of money to spend. Ryan Pace spent conservatively in year one as the Chicago Bears GM. Will he be more willing to spend larger dollars in year two?

Pace isn’t going to want to end up with contracts that bog down the salary cap in future years, but there is one thing we have definitely learned about Pace: he wants to acquire youthful, talented players. There is absolutely some young talent available via free agency, and Pace may be willing to offer larger contracts to get talent to come to Chicago.

One note, I don’t think the Bears should focus much on offense in free agency. They need to focus on adding playmakers on defense. Offensively, they are set with Jay Cutler, they have a young talent in Jeremy Langford at running back, they have a potential fantastic duo in Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White, and I am a firm believer that you build your offensive line in the draft, not in free agency. I’m not saying the offense doesn’t need help, but for the most part, the Bears offense is in a “wait and see” mode for at least a season. They have some pieces in place but need to see what develops before they can make any definitive moves.

You’ll see a heavy focus on defense because that’s exactly where Pace should focus. Here are the five players the Bears should take a serious look at during the 2016 free agency period.