10 Sleeper Offensive Linemen Bears Could Target In The 2016 NFL Draft

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Not every pick you hear Rodger Goodell introduce as one of the newest drafted Bears will have a familiar name. For the most part, the bulk of the draft coverage is understandably devoted to the players who stared at division I schools in the country’s top conferences. It will be my intent to introduce to you (in these last few days before the draft) to some of the more obscure players that aren’t heavily covered. For those who are draft junkies like myself, and already know some or most of these guys maybe I can bring some new information, or even give a different take than the one you might have yourself, or might have read or heard about from media draft experts.

Either way, I’m not just looking to compile a list of obscure players from unknown schools to throw out there for public consumption. I am giving you information on players I think can make the Chicago Bears roster, and maybe perhaps one day start, or even dare I say star for the Chicago Bears, and be a part of the team’s future core. This list isn’t necessarily in order of worth. Just ten guys that can be excellent value picks most people aren’t familiar with.

As always when you’re looking at guys like these you’re looking for players who can win roster spots based on how they ball out on special teams, and maybe some upside that can be developed because they were underutilized, under developed, and did not have the best coaching playing in small schools around the country.

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