Chicago Bears Start 0-2: Who’s to Blame?

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Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is the easy target.  The stupid will call him a quitter.  The apologists will tell you it’s everyone else’s fault but Jay’s as to why the Bears are no damn good.  It’s not Cutler’s fault; it’s the offensive line, it’s the defense, it’s the wide receivers running the wrong routes, it’s six offensive coordinators in eight seasons.

I’m just tired of the Jay Cutler narrative with the Chicago Bears.  Everyone has pretty much staked out their position on Cutler and there’s not much convincing the other side that they’re wrong.  The bottom line on Cutler is that he’s not going to change.  A zebra can’t stop fumbling or is it a leopard can’t help but throw bad interceptions.

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I don’t think Cutler has played particularly poorly so far this season but he’s far from shined.  He’s completed about 60% of his passes with one TD, a fumble and a pair of picks.  The most frustrating part of Cutler’s 2016 has been his lack of accuracy and touch.  Even the tunnel screens and quick outs that he’s thrown have not hit the receiver in stride.  The receiver’s had to stop, slow down or jump to catch the ball.  Those passing plays are most successful when the receiver catches the ball with a full head of steam.

It’s possible that Cutler’s been playing hurt since the Texans game if you’re to believe some reports.  That might explain some of his issues against the Eagles.  I don’t think he quit against the Eagles. I’m frustrated that he was in there in the first place.