Bears Takeaways: Week 6

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10.) Connor Barth!

It shouldn’t be a big deal when a kicker doesn’t miss a field goal, but the way Barth has kicked this season it is worth mentioning that he went 3-3 on Sunday. His longest kick was only 36 yards, but the fact that he didn’t miss any kicks is a step in the right direction and hopefully a much-needed confidence booster for Barth.

11.) Too many penalties (again)

The Bears had double-digit penalties for the second consecutive week and forced the Bears to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns in the red zone. Not all of the penalties were legitimate, as the refs were pretty bad overall on Sunday, but ten penalties for 87 yards is unacceptable.

The Bears came into the game with the 3rd most pre-snap penalties in the league and had a few more on Sunday. Whenever the Bears get into the opponent’s red-zone, it’s like they forgot how to play. They keep sabotaging their ability to score touchdowns with dumb false-starts and other mental mistakes. The lack of discipline is another mark against HC John Fox on a day full of them.

12.) Are the Bears trying to lose?

It’s a facetious question, but it sure seemed like the Bears were trying to lose on Sunday. How does a head coach as experienced as John Fox not realize that he’s letting the game slip away? Did he really think that a 10-point halftime lead was enough? Did Fox really believe that the Bears mediocre defense was going to shut out the Jags all game?

Sunday’s embarrassing loss was the type that gets coaching staffs fired. I don’t think Fox’s job is in jeopardy, but it should at least lead to some tough questions about how poorly the Bears have played this year. For example… How are the Bears the worst team in football halfway through Fox’s second season?