Is a Chicago Bears Fan the Best Fan in the Country?


You’ve hung with the Chicago Bears through thick and thin, and lately it’s been a lot of thin.  FanSided is looking for the biggest and best sports for in the country.

The Chicago Bears aren’t likely to be winning much of anything this season, but if you’ve hung with the Bears through all of these losing seasons and live and die with every move on and off the field, you could be eligible to be named the FanSided Fan of the Year.  As a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, you deserve this!

Do you go to all of the games, even the freezing cold ones?  Do you have a man cave loaded with Bears paraphernalia?  Do you blow off family commitments to watch the game?  You might be exactly what FanSided is looking for.

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If you can convince FanSided that you are the biggest sports fan in the country, we’ll send you and a guest to New York City to attend the annual Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year event and name you Sports Fan of the Year!

Imagine Lou Gehrig giving his farewell speech to a vacant Yankee Stadium or Michael Jordan hitting “The Shot” in front of empty seats. Without the fans, there is no roar, there is no electricity, there is no glory.

Last year, we decided it was finally time to recognize the nameless faces watching from the bleachers when we named Dennis Gleason the inaugural Sports Fan of the Year.

What qualifies someone to be the FanSided Sports Fan of the Year?

The FanSided Sports Fan of the Year is a person who exemplifies dedication, integrity and “Fansmanship” all for the love of the game.

What is “Fansmanship”? Just as athletes exhibit and strive for good sportsmanship, fans strive to exhibit good Fansmanship. Good Fansmanship means representing the teams you follow and the communities those teams represent in a positive way at all times thus perpetuating all that is good about sports and sports fandom. Every fan has a story. We want to hear yours.

To learn more about the FanSided Fan of the Year, check out this video:

Be sure to read the full contest rules as restrictions do apply. We can’t wait to start reading/viewing your submissions.

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