Ways to Fix the Chicago Bears Safety Position in 2017

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Anyone who has been watching the Bears for the past few years has realized that they have struggled at the safety position.  It’s been a historically rough spot with this team.  Can they fix it this off-season?

If you talk to Bears’ fans, they will tell you that the safety position has been very weak on the team for a long time. We remember some of the trials and tribulations that Bears fans have had to witness at that position.  You may remember such events as the Packers pushing the Bears out of the playoffs thanks to Chris Conte.  Missed tackles and missed opportunities have mounted in the Bears secondary the last few years and the safety position is a big reason why they have struggled.

Not since the days of the great (and often injured) Mike Brown have the Bears had continuity and security at the safety spot.  It’s a position that has been overlooked for too long.

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And now it’s time to pay attention to the position and do something about it.  But what can and will the Bears do?

Chicago has a few options to fix the safety position this off-season. They have draft picks, they have cap space and they have some talent still left on the roster.  What will they decide to do at that position?  Will they pay attention to it or let it slide?

Let’s look at the Bears’ possibilities at the safety position this off-season and what they might do to improve it.