Ways to Fix the Chicago Bears Safety Position in 2017

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Chicago may decide to go a different route in the first round taking a quarterback or a defensive lineman.  If that is the case, they could try to find a starter in the second or third round of the upcoming draft.  let’s look at the possibilities in the third round.  The Bears might be able to find a starter in that round.

Florida’s Marcus Maye, who is slated to be a free safety in the NFL, may be someone they want to look at.  Then you have a bevy of strong safeties projected to be third rounders.  Alabama’s Eddie Jackson, coming from that strong Crimson Tide defense could end up as a starter right away.

Josh Harvey-Clemons of Louisville is one more player that the Bears could look at in the third round.  Finally, there is Texas A&M’s Justin Evans.  Right now, he’s rated as a third-round prospect and could receive some consideration.  He has a good skill set and would fit nicely in Chicago.

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  • Further scouting will be done on these players and they will be featured in future articles.

    We must remember that a lot can change over the next few months and players can be ranked at many different spots.  Nothing written here today will be set in stone by the time the draft comes in May.

    Would the draft be a good place for the Bears to get a starter at one or both safety positions?  It might just be but remember drafting safeties is a science.  There haven’t been that many first-round safeties taken over the last few seasons.  But there haven’t been too many that have been worthy of first round consideration.  With guys like Peppers, Adams and even Hooker, this might be the draft to get a future Pro Bowler at safety and get him in the first round.

    And the Bears could use a Pro Bowler at safety.