NFL Rumors: Jay Cutler May Not Play in 2017


The NFL winter meetings are currently underway, there is some chatter emerging that Jay Cutler may choose not to play in 2017.

Say whatever you want about Jay Cutler the quarterback, it’s always been clear that the former Chicago Bears’ QB doesn’t really care what you think. Cutler does and says what he wants. The Bears have moved on, but Cutler has been very quiet as to where he might end up in 2017 and hasn’t been rumored to go much of anywhere to this point.

That may be because Cutler hasn’t decided if he wants to play at all next year. This from Adam Hoge of WGN:

If you think about Jay Cutler and what he wants, it’s probably something very specific. Cutler clearly has no interest in taking a low salary and playing as a backup for a contending team. The Pittsburgh Steelers would be the perfect spot for Cutler to take a sub role for a year and become a starter again in 2018. But Cutler wants to start this season. But clearly, Cutler doesn’t want to start for another bad football team.

Leming is right. Why should Cutler want to go play for the Cleveland Browns or New York Jets? He’s been on a bad football team. Why should he want to spend more years getting punished by a bad offensive line and be continually frustrated like he was in Chicago?

Cutler wants to start for a winner, that’s clear. The problem is, if that’s what you are looking for, the options are slim.

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Truthfully, there are only three possible options. The Arizona Cardinals might be an option very soon, but unless we hear otherwise, Carson Palmer is still their QB. Option one is out.

Option two would be the Denver Broncos. However, John Elway has been very firm that he is focused on the youth movement with his quarterbacks and has no plans to change the course of the team with a veteran QB. Option two is a no-go.

Option three is the Houston Texans. It’s no secret that the Texans want Tony Romo on their squad next year, but that has proven to be more difficult than they hoped. Jerry Jones refuses to release him, at least to this point, and to complicate things, multiple TV networks are trying to lure Romo into an analyst role.

The only other viable QB on their roster is Tom Savage, so the Texans are going to wait out the Romo situation and see if they can land him, if they can’t, Cutler may be an option Bill O’Brien would consider, but that’s an option they don’t have to consider until they know there are no other choices on the board.

If the Texans land Romo or choose to go another direction other than Cutler, Cutler’s options will basically be closed. Cutler may sit and wait and see if an injury opens the door for opportunity, or he may choose to sit out this season or potentially retire.

Cutler will do what he wants to do, not what he feels he should do. If he doesn’t see a good opportunity, he will absolutely tell the NFL to take a hike, at least for a season. Cutler always marched to his own drummer in Chicago, just because he’s no longer a Bear, clearly, that’s not going to change.