One Final Look at What the Bears Should do at Number Three

Dec 31, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; LSU Tigers safety Jamal Adams (33) reacts after they they stopped Louisville Cardinals on 4th down during the second half at Camping World Stadium. LSU Tigers defeated the Louisville Cardinals 29-9. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 31, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; LSU Tigers safety Jamal Adams (33) reacts after they they stopped Louisville Cardinals on 4th down during the second half at Camping World Stadium. LSU Tigers defeated the Louisville Cardinals 29-9. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2017 NFL Draft is upon us.  After months of speculation, all the talk and arguing over who will be picked and where they will be picked will finally come to an end.  Let’s take one last look at who the Bears should pick at number three in the draft.  This is a guy who seems to be the most popular pick among fans.

It’s been a joy taking part in all the draft speculation this offseason.  It has been fun analyzing players and attempting to figure out who the Bears will draft.  In the end, I might be completely wrong, but the speculation has been very entertaining.  Trying to predict the NFL draft one of the most enjoyable parts of football and gives everyone something to do in the off-season.

Everyone has their opinion about who they think the Bears should take with the third pick in the 2017 NFL draft.  We have heard people say they want them to draft a quarterback.  Mitchell Trubisky has had his name thrown around quite often as a possibility for the Bears at that spot. Some fans want them to take a cornerback.  That’s where Marshon Lattimore’s name comes in.  Then there is a desire to have them upgrade the defensive line.  Is Jonathan Allen the favorite to help them do that?

There has been one name that has been thrown out, perhaps the most, by experts and several fans as being “the guy” the Bears should take.  That name belongs to LSU safety Jamal Adams.

“Taking a safety that high in the draft is a mistake!” you hear some people say.  And it’s true, safeties seldom if ever, go that high in the draft.  They just aren’t guys that are thought to have a huge impact on games.  A pass rusher can get to the quarterback and have a game saving sack.  A quarterback, well, no explanation needed there.  An offensive tackle can protect a valuable quarterback’s blind side and stop that game altering sack.  They just don’t take safeties with the third pick in the draft, do they?

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But Adams could be a guy that has a game-changing impact in almost every game he plays in.  He has that ability.  He is a proven leader and the kind of leadership he provides, on the field and off, can be hard to find.  The Bears need someone like that.

When looking at what positive things Adams can bring, you will see that he is, as mentioned, a strong leader.  He helps move guys around and gets them into position before the snap.  He has a strong frame and has the body to withstand a lot of punishment.  Adams can read plays making the right decision to get to the ball and stop the ball carrier quickly.  He doesn’t get into trouble on the field (penalties) and is productive (tackles, fumbles, and interceptions).

Adams doesn’t have too many negative things about him, but every player does have a few.  According to Pro Football Focus Adams:

"Lacks the range of fellow safety prospect Malik Hooker. Not a great fit as a true single high safety."

"Still could be more consistent as a tackler. Saw huge improvement in 2016, but still ranked just 32nd among safeties in terms of tackling efficiency."

"Got caught out of position or over pursuing against the run several times late in the year. Not a consistent problem, but worth noting."

The Bears need someone like Adams to come in and help take control of the secondary.  He can be the kind of starter this team hasn’t had since Mike Brown was a Bear a few years ago.  Adams is a playmaker.  He will be a player that opponents avoid throwing the ball towards forcing them to alter their game plans.

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Chicago needs someone like that. The Bears would do right by drafting Adams.  It would not be a mistake.

There are two other players the Bears could get at number three.  Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore is a guy that could step in and not only start right away but give the Bears a very solid player on one side of the field.  As with Adams, they could not go wrong selecting Lattimore.

Another player that might be there when the Bears pick at number three is Myles Garrett.  The defensive end out of Texas A&M is someone many people feel might be the best player in the draft.  But, as the draft gets closer, it appears that the Cleveland Browns, owners of the first pick, may not want to take Garrett.  And the 49ers don’t appear interested either.  So what does this mean for the Bears?

Granted, this could all be a ruse to throw other teams off but if he falls to the Bears don’t they have to take him?  One thing to consider is which position would he fit in.  Can he be the standard 3-4 defensive end or would he be better suited as an outside linebacker?  His talent would be very hard to pass up but can he be a success in the Bear’s 3-4 defense?  That’s the question.

So the Bears have some big decisions to make on Thursday.  They will have many options. They just need to find the right player who is the right fit for them.

The time for the Bears to continue building and get a winning team on the field is now.  The draft is where it’s at.  If they do well there, then they will do well in the future.  If they do poorly, then this team will struggle for the next few years.

The time to right the ship is now.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday with be three of the biggest days for the Bears in years.