Brian Urlacher says the Chicago Bears are cursed

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 30: Brian Urlacher
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 30: Brian Urlacher /

Brian Urlacher recently did an interview CBS Sports Radio, and he thinks the Chicago Bears are cursed.

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Calling it the “Lovie Curse”, Urlacher still appears to be a little bitter about how his days ended with the Chicago Bears.  He was close to former head coach Lovie Smith, and both parted the team on less than pleasant terms.

Speaking on the Tiki and Tierney show, Urlacher had the following to say:

"“I like to say it’s the Lovie Curse…He got fired being 10-6. I think they fire him either way. Even if we go to the playoffs, I think they fire him. I don’t think the GM liked the way he coached the football team. The guy’s a winner. I love playing for him.”"

The 1996 Chicago Bears had a nearly perfect season.

Lovie Smith got fired for a reason.  He got fired because his team was stagnant.  Furthermore, his offense was horrible nearly the entire time he was in Chicago.  Years later any Chicago Bears fan can say the 2006 season was amazing, but a blend of lucky circumstances comi

ng together.  It was kind of fluky, to be quite honest.  Devin Hester and the Bears led the NFL in punt return TDs as well as kickoff return TDs.  Not only that, but they were first in forced fumbles, first in fumbles recovered, second in interceptions, and eighth in sacks.  The fact is, it was a perfect storm.  Just look to the Arizona game for an understanding of how unbelievable the season was.

Brian Urlacher is wrong about the reasons for Lovie Smith’s termination.

Chicago loves curses.  There is no Lovie curse, however, because his termination was not unjustified.  The fact is, Lovie’s teams perpetually hovered around .500, and his career average with the Bears was 9-7.  Coupled with his propensity to win meaningless games at the end already lost seasons (which cost draft picks), Lovie Smith managed keep the Bears treading water and never really progressing.  The same problems were repeated ad nauseum.

On top of that, Lovie was just not that good at drafting talent, molding talent, or just about anything on offense.  If he hadn’t inherited a once-in-a-lifetime middle linebacker in Urlacher, a tackling machine in Lance Briggs, the best safety the Bears have had in two decades in Mike Brown, and a turnover machine in Charles Tillman, he wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did.

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CHICAGO, IL – APRIL 30: Kevin White of the West Virginia Mountaineers holds up a jersey after being chosen
CHICAGO, IL – APRIL 30: Kevin White of the West Virginia Mountaineers holds up a jersey after being chosen /

The Chicago Bears have had some bad luck the past few years with changeover and the injury bug. There have been countless articles about where the team is headed this season and beyond, particularly with concern to Mike Glennon and Mitch Trubisky.  While the current team may be a mystery to Brian, the Chicago Bears appear to be turning the corner and should surprise this year.

There is no curse.  Brian Urlacher, as great as he was, just doesn’t see the entire picture.  All he played was defense, and all he sees is defense.  He seems to be on the offensive, however, during the interview.  Maybe if Lovie Smith had tried that during his tenure he wouldn’t have been fired.