Bears training camp preview: wide receiver

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 11: Cameron Meredith
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 11: Cameron Meredith /

What are the things to watch among the running backs at Bears training camp?

Every player is fighting for something. A roster spot, a starting spot, a chance to earn an extension during camp or in the offseason. Training camp is about progression. This series will break down what to be watching for throughout training camp and during the preseason for each player. Today, we look at wide receiver.

Kevin White

We all know what we are watching for with Kevin White. It is health. We know the old adage and “wrap him up in bubble wrap all preseason” but for White, this really would not be the way to handle it. This is a player who still needs to refine and work on his game. These training camp snaps are going to be very valuable to him, and for him to stay healthy, get the most of them and get a lot of repetitions during the preseason will be something that will need to be seen before White can be trusted in 2017.

Cameron Meredith

With Meredith, you are looking for the consistency. Meredith has a skill set that can consistently win in the NFL. However, what has kept him off of the field, and hurt him on the field has been his ability to perform to the best of his abilities consistency. Drops and fumbles could be the key thing to watch here.

Markus Wheaton

For Wheaton, it is like White where you are looking for health. Of all of the Bears free agent wide receiver acquisitions, Wheaton was given the most money. However, he also played the least of any of the acquisitions last season. That turns this proposition into a risky bet, and while he had mainly been healthy leading into a contract year, sitting out so many games in a contract year can also speak to how serious his latest ailment is. Look for Wheaton to try to stay on the field as much as possible, and soak in reps from both quarterbacks.

Kendall Wright

You would like to see Wright developing chemistry with his quarterbacks. Wright has not been in the most stable of situations in Tennessee. Since being drafted in 2012 the Titans have had six starting quarterbacks and three head coaches. Wright has had to adjust and adapt every step of his career. It would be great to see him get on the same page with these quarterbacks and establish a healthy relationship. While hooking up Mitchell Trubisky would be his best long term bet, it still would not hurt for him and Glennon to be on the same page. Still, chemistry and understanding are what needs to be seen from Wright.

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Victor Cruz

Cruz needs to show some burst. Last season was the worst statistical season of Cruz’s career. A year after missing an entire season thanks to a torn patellar tendon could do that to someone. However, it is tough to decide whether or not he can bounce back. He is now over the age of 30, which means he should be on the decline of his career. Given his age and injury status, there is a lot to be seen with Cruz, especially when it comes to his ability to get in and out of breaks quickly and to create yards after the catch.