Bears training camp preview: tight end


Who are the tight ends to watch for in training camp?

Every player is fighting for something. A roster spot, a starting spot, a chance to earn an extension during camp or in the offseason. When looking at the Bears tight end position, there should be a lot of competition and some potential shifting in order. Who are the tight ends to follow and what are the things you need to be looking for?

Zach Miller

For Miller, the key is health. Coming off of a season ending foot surgery, his every step will be under the microscope until he can prove that he is fully healthy. On top of his foot injury, Miller has had a myriad of injuries and is going to be 33 years old by the end of the season. Given his age and injury status, Miller could very easily look a step slow throughout training camp. If that is the case he could start free falling down the depth chart and could be a candidate to be cut.

Dion Sims

Sims has to show his understanding of the playbook. Even with a healthy Miller, Sims is likely the team’s best blocking tight end. He is a piece that can be used next to Miller or Adam Shaheen as they spread wide in the slot, and Sims stays in line. However, understanding the blocking schemes, and developing the comfort next to Charles Leno and Bobby Massie will need to be established.

Adam Shaheen

Shaheen is all about development. He is still extremely new to football and with that is very raw in almost anything he does. He has hardly spent time blocking or even lining up inline, and there are still some nuances of route running that he will have to conquer. Of the tight ends, Shaheen is the clear cut most important player to watch, and his development from day one on should be the watch of camp.

Daniel Brown

Brown has a chance to steal a job in camp. He plays a similar role to Miller, and if Miller does show that rust, or any signs of deterioration the job is up for grabs. Brown has more experience, and with Shaheen getting acclimated to the league, he would likely jump him for the first stretch of the season. A path to playing time is all a player such as Daniel Brown can ask for, and he is going to get that chance in training camp.

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Ben Braunecker

You would like to see Braunecker develop as a blocker. None of the Bears tight ends are sure things as starters or future NFL players. The door is still going to be open for Braunecker. If he can round out his game, he will be given plenty of chances in the preseason.