Bears training camp preview: Tackle

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 04: Charles Leno
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 04: Charles Leno /

What needs to be seen from each offensive tackle in training camp?

As we enter training camp, every player enters with a new slate. This year is officially all that matters, and players move on and off the roster and up and down the depth chart based on their performance. What needs to be seen from each offensive tackle in training camp?

Charles Leno

This is a make or break year for Leno. Leno was the liability of the offensive line last year, and this was a unit that lost 12 starts from their two guards. Leno has to show that he is ready to take a step forward in essentially every facet of the game if he wants to continue to start.

Bobby Massie

For Massie, you want to see his increase in familiarity and continuity. With every play, you want to see the effortless movement and understanding of where he is, where he is going and who is beside him. Massie appeared to approve as he got more familiar with the offense. He can take another step in that regard he would become a solid addition to the offense.

Bradley Sowell

Sowell has to show his playbook recognition as well. This is a player who started for the Seahawks last season, but now is competing for a roster spot in Chicago. As mentioned, Leno is not cemented into anything. If Sowell can show his recognition and understanding of the offense he can immediately begin competing with Leno for real snaps.

Tom Compton

Compton is essentially in the same spot as Sowell. Compton comes from Atlanta, and with less experience, but he can easily see himself positioned to compete for real snaps if he can show his playbook recognition.

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Dieugot Joseph

For Joseph, you want to see physical growth. Joseph has decent technique and physicality. However, he comes from a small school and is a bit undersized. If he can put on some muscle and show that he can deal with NFL strength he could be on the coaches radar.

Poehls has the size but needs to show the fluidity in his movement. If he can show that effortless bend and movement, along with side to side agility Poehls could be another player on the radar to make the back end of the roster.