Ranking the Bears roster: 5-1

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 19: Josh Sitton /
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1. Mitchell Trubisky

Whether he plays or not, the Bears need to be satisfied with their progression of Trubisky this season. His best chance to grow is on the field, but that may not come until the late portions of the year, depending on his offensive line. Still, given what was spent on him, the Bears have to be satisfied with what they have in Trubisky by the end of the season.

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The most important aspect for Trubisky this year will be playbook recognition. From there, he needs to prove himself on the field, and will likely get his chance at one point or another. Either way, there is no player the Bears are more invested in than Trubisky. It is one thing to take a quarterback second overall. It is another to trade future assets, and valuable ones at that to move up one spot to take him. No matter what happens, the success of the Bears in the longterm will hinge on the development of Trubisky. This makes him the most valuable player on the team, despite never seeing the field, and potentially not seeing it in the near future.