Chicago Bears: How Did They Fare in All-Time NFL Draft?

Chicago Bears (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

NFL experts recently conducted an All-Time NFL Draft. Where did some of our favorite Chicago Bears fit into the equation?

Thanks to and the MMQB, a bunch of NFL experts conducted an All-Time NFL Draft.

"The MMQB All-Time NFL Draft took place on May 24 in the offices of Sports Illustrated and via conference call among the 12 GMs. Draft order was chosen out of a hat beforehand, and the process was like a normal draft, selections going one through 12 for each round (rather than snaking like a fantasy draft)."

First and foremost, the word “experts” is used loosely. Every one of the people has an extensive resume, but the picks do not necessarily reflect that. Secondly, someone might want to include Dan Fouts on the next CTE study, because his first round pick of Ray Guy is indefensible. Now on to the important stuff: the Chicago Bears.

Who was the first Chicago Bears player picked?

Respect is given where due. While there will always be a “Who is the best RB of all time?” debate, there is no doubt the Chicago Bears have two of the best ever.  So, even though Jim Brown was the first RB selected overall (1.6 by Gil Brandt), our beloved Walter Payton went shortly thereafter with the sixth pick in the second round (2.18 by Gil Brandt).

Butkus and Sayers
CHICAGO – SEPTEMBER 20: Hall of Fame Chicago Bears Dick Butkus (L) and Gale Sayers share a laugh on the sidelines before a game between the Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 20, 2009 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Steelers 17-14. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

It’s important to note that the roster required two RBs. Therefore, Brandt decided to double-up with the best backfield in the history of football. I was pleased to see that Gale Sayers was the third RB picked overall (2.21 by Peter King), even if I believe Barry Sanders should have gotten that honor.

Enough offense. What about the Monsters of the Midway?

Surprise, surprise, a MLB leads the way for the Chicago Bears. Fittingly, the most terrifying MLB in NFL history was selected first at his position, second LB overall behind Lawrence Taylor. Dick Butkus was selected by Rick Gosselin in the third round (3.27), one pick before that scrub Ray Nitschke. Bear Down! The remaining great Chicago Bears MLBs, however, didn’t fare as well. Mike Singletary was drafted as the eighth MLB (8.85 by Joel Bussert), behind several other Hall of Famers. Unbelievably, Brian Urlacher was selected in the 23rd round at pick 275, well after lesser MLBs. A complete smack in the face to his greatness. Similarly, it’s an utter disgrace that nobody picked Bill George.

Where were the other Chicago Bears picked?

The Bears have players littered throughout the rest of the draft. Indeed, it shows a true recognition of the team’s importance across different NFL eras.

  • 3.35    Alan Page
  • 7.82    Mike Ditka (Second TE overall behind Kellen Winslow.)
  • 8.94    Richard Dent
  • 10.114    Doug Atkins
  • 10.117    Dan Hampton
  • 15.169    Ed Sprinkle (The greatest pass rusher George Halas ever saw.)
  • 15.173    Devin Hester (A Wild Card position was part of the roster.)
  • 15.178    George Connor
  • 15.180    Clyde “Bulldog” Turner
  • 18.206    Bronko Nagurski
  • 18.210    Chuck Howley
  • 20.230    Stan Jones
  • 20.238    Howard Mudd
  • 22.260    Danny Fortman
  • 23.265    George McAfee
  • 24.282    Greg Olsen
  • 24.287    Wilbur Marshall (He was paired on the same team as Urlacher.)
  • 24.288    Willie Galimore
  • 25.295    Walt Kiesling

There was one appalling omission.

It’s unfathomable how big of a travesty occurred when these guys picked coaches. How in the world did they pick 12 coaches without someone selecting George Halas?! For one thing, he was a co-founder of the NFL as we know it. Moreover, he legitimized the struggling league/game with the signing of Red Grange.

Another key point, he co-developed the T-Formation and tore the Redskins a new 73-0 sized orifice. He has the second most wins of all time! Furthermore, his win percentage was over 67%! How these guys selected Marv Levy (wins: 143, win %: 56%), Chuck Noll (wins: 193, win %: 56%), Don Coryell (wins: 111, win %: 57%) before Papa Bear just can’t be explained. It’s disgraceful and calls into question their expertise on the entire draft.

Next: Comparisons to a future Hall of Famer

Who was disrespected? Similarly, who got completely snubbed? Chime in with your thoughts on the draft. There’s no doubt anyone could do better than picking a punter and a kicker within the first four rounds.