Whose Chicago Bears Jersey Should You Buy?


With training camp in full swing and the season coming quickly fans may be wondering what current player’s jersey they should buy to support their team.  It’s a tough decision and, with no real standout Chicago Bears right now, it could be a difficult decision to make.

At the end of the 2014 NFL season, I bought a Jared Allen home jersey and a Brandon Marshall away jersey.  Little did I know that Chicago would trade both players, Marshall, in March and Allen after the 2015 season started.  Just like that, my brand-new jerseys were of two former Bears’ players who would never retire as Chicago Bears.  I ended up selling them in disappointment.

These kinds of things happen all the time.  There are those who want to have a current Bears’ player’s jersey of a current player all the time.  But what player’s jersey should you choose knowing that they could get cut or traded at the drop of a hat?  And this Bears’ team is young and not too many of the younger guys have made their mark yet.  There doesn’t appear to be anyone, at least right now, who could be a long-term Chicago Bear.  Right?

That’s wrong.  I think there are a few guys on this team who will maintain long careers in Chicago.  I have come up with five players whose jersey you should buy and easily be able to hang onto for a few years.  One is a mainstay and has been with the Bears for a while.  The other four are first or second-year guys who should be with the Bears for a long time.

Who are they? Let’s find out.

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Chicago Bears

Kyle Long

Despite the fact he missed some time last season with an injury, he is still Chicago’s best offensive lineman.  In fact, he may be the best player on the team.  Long has easily been the Bears most consistent player over the course of the past few seasons.  He signed a long-term contract extension and figures to be with the team for a while because of that.  Grabbing his number 75 jersey would be a great idea if you don’t want to buy another one for a while.

Leonard Floyd

Sure, Floyd is only in his second year with the Bears, but this guy is going to make a name for himself with the Bears.  He has been having a solid training camp and looks to be poised to have a breakout year.  If he can stay healthy, he should be able to provide the team with a lot of sacks and will keep quarterbacks on the run consistently.  If you like defensive players, Floyd may end up being the guy you want to consider.  You won’t go wrong with a number 94 jersey on game day.

Mitchell Trubisky

Yes, Trubisky hasn’t done a thing in the NFL yet, but he’s going to be great.  It may not come this year, but it’s going to happen, and you can bet on it.  Now wearing a Trubisky jersey may get you some grief right now but hold onto it.  In the future, when he gets a chance to start and lead the team to victory, people will be jealous of you because you have that jersey.  If you want to make a long-term investment in a jersey, investing in a Trubisky jersey might be the best you can make.

Jordan Howard

Howard, a player that not many people thought would do too well, took the NFL by storm last season.  He came in second in the NFL in rushing yards and was the best thing about the Bears in 2016.  Howard has become a fan favorite and figures to be an important part of the team in 2017.  It will be Howard who helps take some pressure off the quarterbacks and gives the Bears an important offensive dimension.  If you like Chicago running backs, and who doesn’t, then representing your team with a Howard jersey would be a great thing.

Adam Shaheen

Tight ends are becoming much more popular in the NFL.  Look at Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce and dare I say, Martellus Bennett.  People are getting into these guys who can not only catch the ball but lay out a defender.  Chicago will have one of the league’s top tight ends with Shaheen but it won’t be this year.  Give him some time, and soon he will be one of the top players, at the position, in the NFL.  Of course, that’s if he gets a little help from whoever is playing quarterback.  I think it’s a safe bet that his number 87 will be a popular number among Bears’ fans for a very long time.