Preseason Stock Watch Week One: Charles Leno

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 04: Charles Leno
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 04: Charles Leno /

How was left tackle Charles Leno’s stock affected by his first performance in the preseason?

The preseason is usually not a time to be evaluating what starters will be doing in the upcoming season. That should especially be true for a fourth-year player entering his third season as a starter. However, starting left tackle Leno was under the spotlight for the first couple drives of the game with Mike Glennon, and he was as erratic as his quarterback.

The first interception that Glennon threw was aided by a pressure from the left side that blew past Leno. The pressure was applied by Kasim Edebali, a backup pass rusher for the Broncos. This was not the toughest of competition, yet Leno still continued to struggle.

Leno showed well in run support, but his pass blocking was under scrutiny for the majority of the game. He allowed multiple pressures, and did not let Glennon get into a groove. Leno is a free agent next offseason, and still, has not earned the coaches trust to engrave him as the future starter at left tackle.

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If week one of the preseason was any indication, left tackle will remain the weakness of the Bears offensive line in 2017. This also should mean that Leno has a hot seat to enter the year, and the Bears may be looking to replace him next season. Leno did nothing to cool these talks down and may have even thrown some gas on the fire with his play in the first preseason game. His stock is on the downside through one week.

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