Bears double down on outdated quarterback mentality

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Mitchell Trubisky /

The Bears doubled down on their draft day decision to not play Mitchell Trubisky in 2017 at all costs.

The most puzzling aspect of the Bears second preseason game was the handling of rookie Mitchell Trubisky. After a game in which he came in late in the second quarter, and excelled, the obvious idea was to give him a bigger task to begin to find where his limitations are. However, the Bears had other ideas and it was not until later in the third quarter that Trubisky saw the field in his second game. The Bears are being stubborn in their old philosophy and ideas and it could hurt them for now and in the long term.

Whether Trubisky can play and start or not, your chance to see that first hand comes in the preseason. We get it, Glennon is the starter come week one. You still admitted that this season is a major bridge year towards the Trubisky era. Sure, Glennon needs reps. His reps are just less valuable in the preseason than Trubisky. They need to treat them as such.

There is one knock on Trubisky that lingered in the back of evaluators heads during the draft process. Lack of experience. Trubisky started just 13 games and threw 574 passes in college. There was little tape on him and there was no way of fully telling how he could progress. What would be the best way to help a player who needs experience? Play him.

If Trubisky is not going to get the reps this season, and he is not going to get them this preseason, how does he progress? He is a player who needs to learn how to step into the pocket in a much faster, and tougher environment. He needs to read a defense with a crowd screaming behind him. He needs to make those instant decisions that you cannot learn from watching or reading.

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The Bears essentially showed that they were afraid that if Trubisky succeeded in a bigger role in week two that the fans and media would pound the drum harder to start Trubisky in week one. When they drafted him, their plan was to start Glennon in week one. There is nothing anyone can say or do to change that mindset of thinking because that was the plan back in May.

The Bears need to understand that life changes, the human element is a major factor in this, and making changes on the fly is a staple of surviving in the NFL. They are going to need to wake up and give Trubisky a larger role in week three or they are risking tanking this season, and failing to do anything to make their future starter better for a full season.