Five Things we learned from Bears preseason

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Mike Glennon
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Mike Glennon /
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What did we learn about the Bears during the 2017 preseason?

Now that the Bears preseason is officially over a lot of questions about the team have been answered, and some thoughts and expectations have been confirmed. What were the most important notes to take away from the Bears last four games?

Mitchell Trubisky is better than Mike Glennon

We all knew that Mitchell Trubisky had a higher ceiling than Mike Glennon and that the plan was for Trubisky to be the future. We did not know that Trubisky would already be an upgrade from Glennon.

The stats do not matter, but they favor Trubisky in a major way. What does matter much more is poise, and how to handle pressure and move, but continue to keep your eyes down field. Trubisky did that and he made accurate throws while doing that.

Glennon is a player who is going to dink and dunk and does not handle pressure well. Glennon is likely to start, and very well may play an entire season, but Trubisky is the better player on tape.