Chicago Bears record prediction

Chicago Bears (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears may be in for one more rebuilding season. What will their 2017 record be?

Before the season it is always fun to predict the team’s record, set your expectations, and see if the team can live up to or exceed them. For the Bears, there is no doubt that this is a tough schedule. It will be a bumpy road to navigate and while the team may show better, it may not show great results.

Week One vs. Falcons

Do not be surprised if the Bears steal this game. The Falcons bring in a new offensive coordinator and a center coming off of a broken leg. The defensive front of the Bears should keep them in this game and this game will be telling as to whether this team can get to 8-8 or if they are more of a 4-12 type of team. 0-1.

Week Two at Buccaneers

This becomes an interesting game because the Bucs are coming in off of a rare week one bye. There is no telling whether this is a good thing or bad thing. However, in Tampa Bay, the Bucs passing attack could be too much for these cornerbacks. 0-2.

Week Three vs. Steelers

They host the Steelers, but they host a team that never seems to lose, no matter where they play on prime time. If this was an early game the Bears may have been able to sneak up on them. However, the Steelers should outclass them here. 0-3.

Week Four at Packers

Aaron Rodgers should be doing Aaron Rodgers things and this may not be a great spot for the Bears coming off of some tough games. The Packers should be able to do what they typically do at Lambeau. 0-4.

Week Five vs. Vikings

The Bears can get this one. They have to get this one. The Bears defensive front can dominate the Vikings offensive line, and they should be able to be the impact unit for this game. If the Bears do not win this game they have to start considering Mitchell Trubisky. 1-4.

Week Six at Ravens

This is going to be another either or game that the Ravens can get. However, they a very well coached team, and they have the defense to win games the way the Bears are going to have to. This is another swing game, but the Bears may not get it. 1-5.

Week Seven vs. Panthers

The Bears can get this one in a bounce back spot. They can dominate the Panthers questionable tackles, the Bears interior should be able to open up some running lanes against an aging front as well. 2-5.

Week Eight at Saints

The Saints in a dome are going to outscore the Bears on most nights. There is just no way around it. 2-6.

Week Nine BYE

This is when the Bears are going to have to turn to Mitchell Trubisky. Even with the Packers next on the schedule.

Week Ten vs. Packers

It is going to be an interesting test for Trubisky but he will have had plenty of time and notice that this would be his first game. He may fight tough but he is not going to get them the win in what some may call a good loss. 2-7.

Week 11 vs. Lions

The hope you saw in week ten comes back again at home against the Lions. This time, he opens hot against the Lions, the team gets a lead and they held on for an impressive and inspiring home victory. 3-7.

Week 12 at Eagles

The Eagles defense is going to come to play to and is going to be an eye opener for Trubisky. It will be a tough road loss and a learning lesson on his first road game. 3-8.

Week 13 vs. 49ers

This should be another win. The Bears should be able to out grind this team and dominate both fronts to a low scoring victory. 4-8.

Week 14 at Bengals

The Bengals offensive line is suspect. They have a lot of questions at running back and some of their key defenders are missing the early parts of the season. Last year felt like the unraveling of a team and while the Bengals fall down, the Bears get picked up with a late season road win. 5-8.

Week 15 at Lions

The Bears play inspired, but in the first real shoot out of the career of Trubisky, Matthew Stafford gets the last laugh. Still, all of the sudden the fantasy community begins to notice Trubisky for his 2018 season. 5-9.

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Week 16 vs. Browns

Trubisky torches the Browns. The momentum starts to get real and the Bears score 30 in back to back games. 6-9.

Week 17 at Vikings

The Vikings need this game to get into the playoffs so they are playing everyone. The Bears get knocked back down to reality by a healthy defense playing its best football and go into the year with a promising finish, but one that shows a need for progression in 2018.

Final Record: 6-10.