Stock up-Stock down: Chicago Bears Week Two

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Brooks Reed /

Week 2 is in the books and now it’s time for the stock up/stock down. Stock down is easy this week but it’s a little challenging to find someone or something to be called stock up

Stock Up

Pat O’Donnell

O’Donnell had a couple nice punts to put the Tampa Bay Buccaneers within their own 20. Of course, in the end it did not matter because the Bears defense had so many self-inflicted wounds that it only served to make the Bucs go farther and take more time off the clock. You know its a sad day when the punter is a stock up player.

OLB Leonard Floyd

Floyd was still giving effort late into the game even though the Bears were getting pounded. He recovered a fumble by Tampa Bay and returned it quite a few yards to set up the offense who in turn did nothing with it.

Stock down

QB Mike Glennon

In what was labeled as a revenge type game for Glennon he stuck it up big time. While his completion percentage was nice the fact that he had three turnovers (two int, one fumble) was the primary reason the Bears were blown out. After this debacle, the leash on Glennon got extremely short and it may not be long until first round pick QB Mitchell Trubisky becomes the starter.

RB Tarik Cohen

Last week’s darling looked more like a rookie starting with his first quarter attempt to field a bouncing punt that was surrounded by defenders. In the run game, he was a non- factor as he was not able to get to the edge. In the fourth quarter he dropped a pass across the middle. This is the type of thing we are going to get when we rely on rookies to be the savior.

Coaching staff

Again, in the fourth quarter when the Bears turned it over on downs there was no Tanner Gentry or Adam Shaheen on the field. Instead we saw 3 straight dropped passes by the receivers. In a horrible performance, the receiving corps fails to get it done when its needed most. Additionally, the penalties on the team is a direct reflection on poor discipline on the team and how the players are responding to the coaching staff.

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There were so many negatives in this game to list I could go on and on. The defense commited too many third down penalties to keep the Tampa Bay drives alive. It was the type of performance the Bears would like to quickly forget. This is the classic example of how the limited offense of the Bears will get them into trouble if they get behind early. It doesn’t get much easier with Pittsburgh coming to town next week.