Defining Chicago Bears Quarterback Mike Glennon in one play

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Mike Glennon
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Mike Glennon /

Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon’s skill set can be defined in one play that any rookie could do

There is essentially only one argument left for people who think that Mitchell Trubisky should not start. It is that the Bears talent on offense is so bad that it would either injure or affect the confidence of Trubisky. That is an awful way to look at it. Instead, Trubisky, you know, the number two overall pick in the NFL draft could be good and elevate those around him. On Sunday the Bears 10 players around the quarterback gave the signal caller a chance to make plays. Take this play for example.

The pocket is clean. He is looking at Josh Bellamy on a go route, and should know that Tarik Cohen is running a cross underneath, as highlighted.

Mike Glennon actually does what he should have. He gets the safety, Chris Conte to buy in on the deep ball, eventually leaving the teams top play maker open for a potential big gain.

If Glennon had pocket awareness,he would feel the pressure on his left. However, he also has a huge gap to step up into. Since that is already where he is looking to throw it should be an easy move to make. Cohen and Bellamy should both be in his vision, and as he steps up, the movement of the safety should tell Glennon where he is going with the ball.

By the time Conte adjusts, Cohen has huge separation. If Glennon is able to make the read down the field the team should get a substantial gain out of this play.

He can see the safety has his back turned. He can see that Cohen is about to break to the outside. However, he remains standing in the same spot in the pocket looking at a player who would have been getting triple covered.

Staring down his wasted first option too long without any pocket presence to step up finally catches up to Glennon. He gets bumped, loses all composure and throws that. Two plays later Glennon had the sack fumble and from there the route was on.

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This is not a rare play out of Glennon. This is any old play out of Glennon. To say that Mitchell Trubisky would get hurt or that the receivers are not good enough is not fair to Trubisky. He can make these plays from clean pockets to reliable, open receivers. Nobody will ever know how many yards and points were wasted by settling for Mike Glennon over a scared, preconceived notion.