Week 3 NFC Power Rankings


Over the course of the 2017 NFL Season, I will be giving you my weekly NFC power rankings. I will also highlight a few teams that stood out to me from the previous week.

Week 3 NFC Power Rankings:

. Atlanta Falcons. 1. team. 44. This team hasn’t missed a beat…. (2-0)

2. team. 49. Aaron Rodgers is still incredible but this roster looks thin.. (1-1). . Green Bay Packers

Russell Wilson is literally in danger on every snap. I find myself wondering how long he can stay healthy?. (1-1). . Seattle Seahawks. 3. team. 36

Cam got beat up pretty good last week. He doesn’t look right yet and neither does this offense but I am not panicking yet.. (2-0). . Carolina Panthers. 4. team. 87

Dak and Zeke finally looked mortal against Denver. I am interested to see how they bounce back this week.. (1-1). . Dallas Cowboys. 5. team. 123

50. People raised their eyebrows at Matthew Stafford’s new contract. The Lions were 0-16 the year before they drafted Stafford.. (2-0). . Detroit Lions. 6. team

7. team. 48. The Bucs handled business at home but they barely scratched the surface of their potential.. (1-0). . Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Eagles lost to a good team but got some valuable experience playing against a high level opponent. I am a big Carson Wentz guy.. (1-1). . Philadelphia Eagles. 8. team. 54

The Vikings inability to score last week without Sam Bradford showed why the QB is a guy who can win a lot of games with talented teammates. Still not elite.. (1-1). . Minnesota Vikings. 9. team. 60

. Los Angeles Rams. 11. team. 51. The Rams will continue to grow.. (1-1)

Watching Carson Palmer’s play on RedZone last Sunday vacillate between a shot fighter and ’05 Carson Palmer was a site.. (1-1). . Arizona Cardinals. 12. team. 32

15. It doesn’t look good going forward for this Brees-Payton era of Saints football.. (0-2). . New Orleans Saints. 13. team

14. team. 31. Giants fans, is Eli done?. (0-2). . New York Giants

57. Mike Glennon is a slightly below average NFL QB. We know that. However, we don’t know how good Mitchell Trubisky is… right John Fox?. (0-2). . Chicago Bears. 15. team

San Fransisco 49ers. 16. team. 42. Does Kyle Shanahan watch more 49ers film or tapes of Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold?. (0-2).


Carolina Panthers:

Panthers QB Cam Newton
CHARLOTTE, NC – SEPTEMBER 17: Jordan Poyer /

The Panthers stood pat in my newest power rankings because they were not very impressive in a win against the Bills. Cam looks like he doesn’t trust his body and arm quite yet. He didn’t practice with the team and its new offensive weapons for almost all of the offseason. I am hoping with some time to gel, the will not waste away a whole year of a talented roster.

Atlanta Falcons:

The Falcons topped my power rankings this week after a big win over Green Bay to open their new stadium. Matt Ryan and the offense have sustained their play from last season, which definitely not a gimme coming into the year. 3 years ago I feel like I still wasn’t sold on Matt Ryan but he has really matured as a player and as a leader. This defense looks young, fast, and aggressive. That usually translates to wins.

Dallas Cowboys:

Dalllas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott
DENVER, CO – SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Dak Prescott /

It seems like everyone wants to write off the Cowboys after a tough loss on the road at Denver(because they’re the Cowboys). While they did drop a little in my power rankings, people should relax. Dak deserves to go through some growing pains and the Broncos defense is still elite. I don’t like Ezekiel Elliott’s effort on that interception but that’s getting overblown as well. This team is physical and talented enough. The Cowboys will be in it all the way.

Chicago Bears:

I actually feel kind of bad for Mike Glennon. Forget the fact that the Bears brought him in thinking he was going to get a secure starting role. I feel bad because he genuinely seems like a hard working and nice guy. That does not change the fact that not only is he below average at his job, but there is also someone on the team that can probably do his job better. I know the receivers are not very good, but let’s not pretend that the throw he made on that pick 6 was not the ugliest throw and worst decision of the weekend. I am not sure how much longer they can trot him out there.