Kris Bryant Thinks Chicago Bears should play Mitch Trubisky

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 15: Kris Bryant /

Chicago Cubs star 3B Kris Bryant has a message for the Chicago Bears: play Mitch Trubisky.

The roar of noise calling for Mitch Trubisky to replace Mike Glennon at quarterback is now reaching Chicago’s other professional teams. Kris Bryant was on 670 The Score in Chicago and was asked about the Bears’ quarterback situation and he gave his opinion.

Bryant briefly went on to say, “You’ll never know unless he’s out there playing.”

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Is Kris Bryant an NFL executive? Nope. Is his opinion any different from yours or mine? Nope.

But it is interesting that a professional athlete is actually giving an opinion like this. Bryant is, in essence, questioning the Chicago Bears’ front office and their decision-making process. After the draft, those who wanted to play Trubisky was just a whisper, by OTAs it was a murmur, by preseason it was a steady hum. It’s now a roar and it’s becoming deafening.

It certainly doesn’t seem like public pressure is going to sway their opinion one way or the other. They clearly know when they want to play Trubisky and they will stick to their guns no matter what happens with Glennon. But hey, when prominent Chicago personalities speak their minds, maybe, just maybe, it will help push along the start of the Trubisky era. It certainly can’t hurt.