Chicago Bears Week Three: Five Takeaways

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Jordan Howard
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Jordan Howard /
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With the Bears record 0-2, what did they do to turn this season around? Make plays that mean progress, even if they are questioned by the officials.

One: Cornerback Sherrick McMannis

During the first quarter, about three minutes into the game, McMannis made the second drive possible by picking up the ball after a failed Steelers catch. This turn of events set up a series of breaks that the Bears needed to eventually win. By the end of this second drive, of six plays, running back Jordan Howard was able to find an opening, on the left side, to make the first touchdown.

CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 10: Mike Glennon
CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 10: Mike Glennon /

Two: Quarterback Mike Glennon

Playing safe the first quarter with only rush plays, Glennon was successful with this strategy; he managed to maintain his 67 percent pass rating. That’s how running back Jordan Howard got us on the board six minutes into the game. Apparently, Glennon does his best work where he is able to stay put. The moment he has to move to alleviate any pressure, he’s in trouble, usually in the form of an interception or a sack. Mid-way through the fourth quarter, Glennon managed to throw a pass right into Steelers’ gloves where three Steelers covered tight end Zach Miller. Even though he felt the heat once, with one sack, he managed to remain away from the fire…for the most part.