Chicago Bears Week Three: Five Takeaways

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Jordan Howard
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 27: Jordan Howard /
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CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Jordan Howard
CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Jordan Howard /

Three: Running back Jordan Howard

Despite the ninety-degree temperature, Howard used it to showcase all that he had. By the third quarter, he rushed 101 yards, one touchdown. Howard was one half of the prime pairing with Tarik Cohen that provided balance for Glennon’s consistent rushing passes. Plays kept happening until one rush, Howard was tripped up by the Steelers, which caused him to land on his right shoulder. This injury became a nuisance as he used his shoulders to maneuver around their defense. But he sucked the pain down and remained simply to score that final touchdown to end the game.

Four: The defense, as a whole

With the exception of a few plays, including two touchdowns, the big-D held the Steelers with various slaps, knocks, and blocks. To start, cornerback Bryce Callahan pressured Steelers’ Roethlisberger allowing him to get in sack number one. Then defensive end Akiem Hicks recovered, gaining possession. Late in the third quarter, outside linebacker Pernell McPhee applied adequate pressure to sack the Steelers’ quarterback again, sack number two. By the end of the regular playing time, outside linebacker Willie Young provided sack number three.

CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 10: Julio Jones /

Five: Cornerback Marcus Cooper Sr.

Perhaps the heat went directly into Cooper’s head who was fierce on the field with each and every play. Even though his moves were called into question a few times, specifically during the first quarter, he was not accountable for a foul. His coverage of Steelers’ offense was done with precision to block the pass without causing harm to his opponent.

With seconds remaining to end the half, a Steelers’ kick was blocked, veering directly into Cooper’s cupped clasp. Now with possession, he ran down the field stopping less than a yard from the end zone where the Steelers knocked the ball right out of his grasp. Why did he slow down? Why did he ruin a perfect play due to him feeling the need to strut like a rooster? There was much debate about a touchdown, which was not to be. After much deliberation, while the Steelers headed to the locker room for half time, the Bears took the field at the one yard line to make up for the touchdown that did not happen like it should had. Due to a false start, a field goal was taken, making the score, at the half, 17-7, when it should had been 21-7, which could had prevented the overtime.

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Despite the pressures, stressors, and cheers, the Bears redeemed themselves with a final score of 23-17. Now can they keep up this momentum permanently?