Danny Trevathan could be suspended

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Danny Trevathan
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Danny Trevathan /

Danny Trevathan could be in line for a suspension after his hit on Davante Adams

There is no way around it. Even with the Bear goggles on it is hard to defend Danny Trevathan for this hit on Davante Adams. Adams went over the middle and was wrapped up. However, Trevathan still came in before he was completely down, and hit with a shot right in the head. It was not a pretty sight to see.

However, moving forward there is a new question to take away for Bears fans, will Trevethan be suspended? This offseason, one of the new player safety rules implemented is the right to suspend players “egregious” hits. These can be given to any player, whether a first-time offender or not. The first time this rule was put into effect was with Vontaze Burfict, who was suspended for the first three weeks of this season.

This hit checks just about every box that the NFL will be looking for when they look for the next player to suspend for an egregious hit. The hit was unnecessary, the defenders of Trevathan cannot say that the player ducked into it and it was direct to the head. It took a player out of the game and cause a serious injury.

On top of that, it is in a primetime spotlight. Let’s get real, the NFL is losing a public relations battle when it comes to the severity of injuries in this game. It is no shock that Burfict, a habitual line crosser who is known nationally was the first player suspended.

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One of the big things everybody in the country is going to be talking about tomorrow is that hit. The NFL has two days until another game to change the subject and they will have to act and make an example out of Trevathan. It is pretty safe to assume a one to three-game suspension coming.