The Chicago Bears October Schedule: Predicting the Wins and Losses

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky /
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CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 24: Jordan Howard
CHICAGO, IL – SEPTEMBER 24: Jordan Howard /

Chicago @ Baltimore October 15th-The Ravens are a hard team to figure out. Their defense should be one of the strongest in the league while their offense is supposed to be talented. But, the Ravens have struggled. Quarterback Joe Flacco looks nothing like he did a few seasons ago and the offense is pretty tough to watch because of that.

That being said, this could be a game the Bears might be a win.

Trubisky will have his regular season feet “wet, ” and with one game under his belt, he will have learned a thing or two. The receivers will be better acclimated to him and that will only serve to help the passing game. Barring any injuries in the Minnesota game, the offensive line will be solidifying and should be playing even better by the time these two teams meet.

You can expect that the Bears will be up for the challenge and could easily win this game as long as their defense can shut the Ravens’ weak offense down. This cannot be the game that Flacco ends up coming alive and dominates the Bears’ through the air. The Bears need to keep him from becoming a superstar making their defense look bad.

If the Bears can run the ball, control the clock and use a controlled passing game to move the ball down the field, they should be able to win this game. I look for this to quite possibly be a comfortable Bears victory with no heart-stopping “end of the game” heroics.

This will be an easy Bears win.

Score Prediction: Chicago 24 Baltimore 10