The Chicago Bears October Schedule: Predicting the Wins and Losses

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky /
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Chicago @New Orleans October 29-The Saints offense woke up last Sunday and that spells trouble for the Bears. With a high-flying passing game, manned by one of the most capable quarterbacks in the NFL, Chicago will have to be at their best to keep the Saints from scoring a lot of points. That means the defense needs to play one of its best games of the year.

But the offense cannot let the defense do all the work. The most important thing that they can do is not make mistakes. They cannot give Brees and the Saints offense a short field from which they can easily score and put the game out of reach.

Also, if this game were to end up being a shoot-out, the Bears would probably not win.

I have said this before and I will say it again but the running game is the key in every game the Bears play and it will be a key against the Saints. Keeping the ball out of Brees’ hands is the best way to win this game and the Bears can do that.

Going into the fifth game of the season, the Saints rushing defense is 18th in the NFL. Should that continue to hold, and it will the Bears will have success running the football

If they can do that then they will stay with the Saints and keep the game close.

This game will either go one of two ways. The Bears will get blown out thanks to gifts in the form of turnovers by the offense or they will win a close game. Like almost every game the Bears are going to be in the rest of the season, defense and the running game will dictate if they win or not. If the Bears can shut down the Saints’ passing game and the running backs can pile up the yards, the Bears will win.

Score Prediction: Chicago 27 New Orleans 24