Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky brings mobility

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Mitchell Trubisky /

The offense can reach a whole new level with Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky under center compared to Mike Glennon. It took one game to see that

Yes, the Chicago Bears did lose their first game with Mitchell Trubiksy under center. Yes, he did throw the game away with a late interception. No, there is no such things as moral victories. Yes, you should still be very excited that Mitchell Trubisky is the starter moving forward and Mike Glennon is not.

The Bears lost in the short term, but their week to week ceiling is perpetually higher with Trubisky in the lineup. That is because he brings an entire dynamic that Glennon cannot. Trubisky brings mobility. With that, the Bears can stem off a variety of schematic advantages that can help open up the passing game in way that has not been done yet.

Moving with the pocket

The Bears can now move the pocket off of the snap with Trubisky. These are designed plays to not only get Trubisky in space, but also help the tension for the offensive line. Above on the far right you see Everson Griffen, who is a nuisance for left tackle Charles Leno. Griffen beat Leno for a sack and a strip in this game. In pushing the pocket to the opposite side of a player such as Griffen the Bears protection easier on Leno and taking pressure away from Trubisky.

Glennon is not mobile enough to even have this element in the playbook. Griffen would be consistently shooting at the same target and easily would have connected more than once in this matchup had Glennon started.

Play Action

The Bears ran play action to set up the pass six times on Monday night. This freezes the defense for a second, once again helping with the pass rush. It is also getting Trubisky into free space, unscathed and giving him chances to make plays down the field with one on one matchup.

Extending the play

Trubisky uses his mobility to extend plays, and make things happen the way they were not quite drawn up. Here Trubisky turns havoc into a simple completion. Glennon would not have been able to clear that pocket. Through four games Glennon was sacked eight times. Plays like this are way it will take much longer for Trubisky to see his eighth career sack.


Trubisky can extend plays to buy his receivers time. He can also extend plays to free himself up to pick up huge yards. Mike Glennon had four rushing yards in four games. He had 90 in his 25 game career. Trubisky had 22 on just three scrambles. Having to hit a moving target is so much tougher than one standing still.

Evading Pressure

Lastly, Trubisky can use his legs to avoid sacks. Above the throw that Trubisky makes goes incomplete. However, he avoided what could have very easily been a five yard sack. Trubisky awareness of pressure and situation, along with his mobility keep the team in good standing to fight for another down.

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Think about how much different the offense is based on just one trait of Trubisky’s game. He has an entirely different dynamic that Glennon cannot bring, and schematically, he is already the far superior option. How Trubisky grows, and what kind of ceiling he can reach will be seen. However, in terms of variety of skill set, it is safe to say he already has Mike Glennon beat.