Can the Chicago Bears’ Pass Rush Continue to Improve?

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Leonard Floyd
GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Leonard Floyd /
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The Chicago Bears have just 13 sacks to date. How can they get the pass rush going?

CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 09: Akiem Hicks
CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 09: Akiem Hicks /

The Chicago Bears are well-known for their history of having a big pass rush. They have had some impressive pass rushers or “sack artists,” as they are sometimes known, throughout their history. They have tried to carry on this tradition every season. With greats like Richard Dent and Dan Hampton who are a part of their long history of getting to the quarterback, anyone who comes to the Bears as a pass rusher has some big shoes to fill.

There have been some Bears who had short careers with the team but still had a significant impact rushing the passer. There have been some “one hit wonders” including Mark Anderson and Corey Wooton while others such as Julius Peppers are future Hall of Famers. But this year, there is no one standout player to rush the passer. At least not yet.

The Bears need a guy like Anderson or Wooton to come in and jump-start the pass rush.

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears /

Chicago Bears

Chicago has some players that some feel might be able to get to the quarterback on a regular basis. Those players included Pernell McPhee, Leonard Floyd, Akiem Hicks, and even Eddie Goldman. Willie Young was also in that conversation, but he is injured and out of the year.

It was thought it could be a breakthrough season for some of these guys but through the first four games of the season that wasn’t the case. But there was a breakout in the fifth game, against the Vikings. Will that be the norm or will the pass rush go back into its shell and not come out again for a while?

There is still time to turn things around and keep this pass rush headed in the right direction. All we need is a little consistency from the guys who are supposed to get to the quarterback.

But when will they start playing better and getting to opposing signal callers more often? Hopefully, they started a trend on Monday night and can continue moving forward the rest of the season.

We have been waiting patiently for the pass rush to come but is one great game good enough to declare it has arrived?

Can the guys that are responsible help out? How can they help out?

Let’s look at Chicago’s top pass rushers, Pernell McPhee, Leonard Floyd, Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman to see how they have helped before, how they can help now and what their future in holds.