Can the Chicago Bears’ Pass Rush Continue to Improve?

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Leonard Floyd
GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Leonard Floyd /
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You must like what Akiem Hicks has been able to do for the Bears so far. After signing a contract right before the start of the season, Hicks has not let off the gas and has been the defensive line’s best player.

Through five games Hicks has recorded 16 tackles with 11 solo and four sacks.

Hicks path to the Bears is well-known. He has been a journeyman, playing for the Saints and the Patriots but appears to finally have found a home in Chicago. Bears’ fans, coaches, and players are very appreciative of the fact that he will be in Chicago for the long-term and should help the Bears defense thrive.

He displays significant leadership ability and can back up his talk. There aren’t too many players on the team who can do that. Hicks is a fiery and feisty guy on the field who has performed extremely well for the Bears. But the biggest thing the Bears like out of him is his ability to make plays. He can play the run just as well as he can put pressure on the quarterback as we have seen.

The Bears desperately need Hicks to put more pressure on the quarterback and disrupt opponents passing games more.

What he showed Monday night needs to continue for the rest of the season and beyond.

Consider Hicks to be the most important defender on the Bears right now. He can make big plays and he can be a leader. The Bears need someone on defense who can be “that guy, ” and Hicks can be “that guy.”