Stock up-Stock down: Chicago Bears declaw the Panthers

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Tarik Cohen /

Bears win! Bears win! Yes, that is right for the first time in two years the Chicago Bears win two games in a row in typical Bears fashion. The defense comes up huge in the victory while the offense doesn’t kill the team.

After this win its time for stock up-stock down on the players and coaches.

Stock up

  1. FS Eddie Jackson

Today was a breakout game for Jackson who has started every game as a rookie but failed to make the impact plays he was known for in college. Today was different as Jackson took a fumble and an interception back for two touchdowns. Those two touchdowns were the difference in the game. If he continues to build on that performance the Bears may have something special.

  1. Defensive Front Seven

These guys were making plays. They absolutely terrorized QB Cam Newton to a tune of 5 sacks and 2 interceptions. Every player was a force with LB Danny Trevathan making an interception and every member of the starting line coming away with a sack.

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Stock down

  1. Offensive Line

While the Carolina Panthers do boast a formidable defensive line it is no excuse to allow them to get penetration on the few pass plays that were called for Mitchell Trubisky. There is no doubt the Bears want to run more however when it is time to pass the offensive line needs to make their blocks and allow Trubisky to survey the field. There was way to much pressure on those plays.

  1. Wide Receivers

I will be happy have a stock up on the receivers this season but when will that happen. It seems like every week I can automatically chalk them up as a stock down. Unfortunately, only one receiver caught a pass today. They need to step it up big time.

Today was a good day for Bears football. The defense was outstanding in all phases and the offense didn’t turn it over.

The special teams didn’t make the huge errors they made last week. It might not be the most exciting football to watch but it is a win! I will take it any day.