Why Dontrelle Inman Trade Is Phenomenal

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 08: Dontrelle Inman /

Here’s what no one is saying about the Dontrelle Inman trade.

The Chicago Bears made what most considered a pretty minor trade this week. Ryan Pace traded a seventh round pick to the Los Angeles Chargers for wide receiver Dontrelle Inman.

While it is a minor trade, it could significantly help the Bears this year. The Bears were in desperate need for a wide receiver. Inman needed a fresh start, and the Bears were the perfect landing spot. Inman should be the Bears best receiver the instant he steps on the field and should provide Mitch Trubisky a legitimate receiving threat who should manage to get open, at least some of the time, which would be a significant upgrade based on how the Bears’ receivers are currently performing.

While the Inman trade may or may not work out, whether it does or does not is almost irrelevant. Of course, all Bears’ fans (and the Bears organization) want Inman to have an impact, but the most important thing that comes out of this trade is that there has been a shift in the thinking of the front office.

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The Bears have been in a full rebuild since Ryan Pace and John Fox took their respective positions, over the last few games, we’ve seen the Bears make significant strides into becoming a competitive team and now, the Inman trade. What does that all mean?

It means the rebuild is over. The Bears organization is trying to make moves to help them win this season. That should be music to the ears of all Bears’ fans. It was obvious that the wide receiver position was a significant problem, but if the Bears were still in the rebuild mode, they would have worked on fixing it off the free agent scrap heap and waited until 2018.

But the Bears see that the team is on the cusp of something. This defense is legitimate. The running game is legitimate. The passing attack cannot exist under Trubisky with the current targets, so the Bears went after the best wide receiver that they could possible find. Even if it meant trading away a future asset (a seventh round pick is a low price, but it is still a future asset).

This is a great thing, Bears’ fans. The Bears are ready to start trying to win. They probably won’t make it this year, but they are putting forth an effort to make the playoffs this season. The attitude has officially shifted. The Bears’ feel they are ready to win, now they just have to put it all together.