Dowell Loggains Needs to Open Up Playbook vs Saints

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky /

Will the Bears offense finally open it up a little vs the New Orleans Saints?

The Chicago Bears offense has been interesting the last few games to say the least. Over the last two games (both victories), the Bears offense has run the football 80 times, while attempting just 32 pass plays (attempts plus sacks). That’s quite a contrast.

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Has the formula been successful? While the result has been two victories, at the same time, it’s only resulted in 23 offensive points, just 11.5 per game. That offensive production isn’t going to cut it long-term. The Bears defense has carried the team over the last two victories, including scoring three touchdowns (the offense has scored just two).

While the defensive play seems to be sustainable (except for the defensive scores), the offense needs to improve if the Bears are going to continue their winning ways. The anti Mitch Trubisky crowd seems to think that he isn’t ready and he’s the sole reason for the offensive woes, while the pro Trubisky crowd wants to put the blame solely on the coaching staff like they are purposely trying to stunt the growth of the young quarterback.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, and truthfully, it probably shades more in the anti Trubisky argument than the pro Trubisky argument. As more coach tape has surfaced of Trubisky’s games, it’s clear that Trubisky is still missing defensive calls and open receivers. But at the same time, Trubisky has flashed phenomenal athleticism, a terrific arm, and the ability to make plays.

Trubisky threw 25 passes in his first game, 16 in his second, and 7 in his third, at this rate he won’t throw the ball at all against New Orleans. It’s time that Dowell Loggains opens up the playbook and allows Trubisky a little bit longer of a leash this Sunday.

That will absolutely mean more mistakes, but it will also mean more success for the offense. The Bears will not be able to run the ball at basically a 3 to 1 ratio and throw single digit passing attempts against the Saints and come out victorious.

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Trubisky doesn’t need to launch 35 to 40 passes, but he does need to throw 20 to 25. The Saints defense isn’t dreadful, but it is definitely in the bottom half of the league, and the worst defense that Trubisky has faced in his first three games.

Offensively, the Saints have a top five offense, they rank fourth in both yards per game and points per game. The last three offenses the Bears have faced have been mediocre at best. So while the Bears defense has been stout, they haven’t exactly shut down the Greatest Show on Turf either.

This game on Sunday vs New Orleans will be a good test both offensive and defensively for Chicago. Expect the Bears defense to have another strong performance, but also expect them to give up more yards and points than they have the last couple weeks. To offset that, Dowell Loggains and the Bears offense are going to have to try to stretch the defense and score some points. The offensive game plan has to change, and Trubisky and company need to execute. Sunday is a great measuring stick for this team, there will be a lot of questions answered around 3pm Chicago time Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, the answers we get are ones we are hoping for.