Chicago Bears Stay Quiet at Trade Deadline

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Josh Sitton
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: Josh Sitton /

The NFL trade deadline came and went and the Chicago Bears made no moves.

In one of the most active trade deadlines ever, the Chicago Bears stood pat and didn’t make any moves. There was some speculation that the Bears were considering moving Josh Sitton, but in the end, the packages they were offered simply weren’t enough.

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With a top receiver like Kelvin Benjamin on the move, some fans were upset that the Bears didn’t make a splash. While other fans were upset that the Bears weren’t able to move an older Josh Sitton for a draft pick. Some fans wanted the Bears to make a move for 2017, some fans wanted to make a move for 2018, but neither happened so fans on both sides of the fence are upset.

The truth is, the Bears made their move with Dontrelle Inman. That was their move to help the 2017 Bears without mortgaging any part of the future. With some of the offensive line already banged up, the move to hold onto Sitton shows the Bears certainly aren’t ready to give up on 2017, which is something that all fans should get behind.

The Bears stood pat as they head into their bye week. Most likely, that was the smartest move for the team to make at this point in the season. In a few weeks, if the Bears are at 5-5, that’s when fans will know if there is any hope for 2017. Fans should be focused on the first two games coming out of the bye, not whether they could move Josh Sitton for a mid to late round draft pick.