Ten Potential Chicago Bears Pro Bowl Prospects

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Jordan Howard
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Jordan Howard /
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The Chicago Bears haven’t done that well with having a lot Pro Bowl players over the course of the last few seasons. However, all of that is going to change this year as the Bears are sure to have several of them when voting ends this season.

CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 22: Akiem Hicks
CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 22: Akiem Hicks /

The 2017 Chicago Bears are quite a bit different from what they were in 2016. Sure, some of the players remain the same but there have been some great strides taken this year by some of those guys. There has been good health and great play by several players on the team. Almost all the great play has come on defense where the Bears are starting to shine.

We know that the Bears have not had that many Pro Bowl players over the course of the last few seasons. Just last year, their only Pro Bowl players were Jordan Howard and Josh Sitton. Chicago didn’t have any on defense. And they have had one or two guys for the last few seasons but not several Pro Bowlers like some other teams like the Dallas Cowboys or Denver Broncos have had recently.

We haven’t seen the days of seven or eight Chicago Bears’ Pro Bowlers for quite some time.

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But that may change this year. The Bears have several players on the team who are worthy of Pro Bowl recognition. Most of them are on defense, but there are a few guys on offense who may end up earning the honor and representing the Bears this season.

Who are they and why do they deserve to be there?

Right now, there is the possibility that the Bears send ten players to the Pro Bowl this year. Now that’s a lot of Pro Bowlers and it’s likely that they won’t all make it but a fair number of them could. Some of them are shoe-ins while others need to step it up and play a little better to make it to the NFL’s all-star game.

Let’s look at the players that could make the Pro Bowl this season in the next few slides. Why could they make the Pro Bowl? Why might they not make the Pro Bowl? Which of the ten players has the best shot at making the NFL’s all-star game?

Let’s find out.