Ten Potential Chicago Bears Pro Bowl Prospects

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Jordan Howard
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Jordan Howard /
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These three players have all represented the Bears in the Pro Bowl before.  Sitton and Howard were the only two Bears to go last year while Long was a consistent Pro Bowler before his being injured in 2016.

Through the midpoint of the season, it may seem difficult to see that Sitton or Long could make the Pro Bowl because they have both missed some time. Sitton missed one game an injury while Long missed the first two games of the year with an ankle problem. Then, he missed a better part of the game against the Saints with a finger problem.

Missing this much time makes Long’s chances to make the Pro Bowl slim but you never know. He could make it as an alternate with some great play the rest of the season.

The same may be said about Sitton but players miss time and still make the Pro Bowl, so he might earn a spot on the team.

Howard has been one of the most productive running backs in the NFL. He’s tough and he is a very good runner. He’s hard to bring down and is reliable. The biggest question for Howard is whether he is putting up enough yards to make the Pro Bowl. And is he scoring enough touchdowns?

If he can continue to get these 100 yard plus games, he will have a chance at making the Pro Bowl, but he needs to be scoring touchdowns.

That is something that Chicago’s offense is struggling right now.

You can consider these three to be long shots but still have an outside chance at getting a Pro Bowl nod or possibly making it as an alternate.