Mitch Trubisky Proves the Chicago Bears are His Team

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky /

Here’s a great story from Josh Sitton, proving the Chicago Bears are Mitch Trubisky’s football team.

Mitch Trubisky might only be a rookie, but he has command of this team and the offense. That’s exactly what you need to have if you are going to quarterback an NFL team and the Chicago Bears QB certainly does. Apparently he doesn’t mess around in his huddle.

Check out this story Josh Sitton told the Green Bay Packers press:

That is an impressive story right there. A rookie quarterback tells a bunch of veteran offensive linemen to return to the huddle and stay put until he breaks the huddle? That is not something a lot of young quarterbacks would be comfortable doing.

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Trubisky understands the type of personality you need to have to be a leader of men. He has that personality and a story like this shows that Trubisky has the mental makeup to be successful at the NFL level.

An NFL QB has to have a good arm, good pocket awareness, the ability to read defenses. These are things we al know about, but a QB also has to have the respect of the locker room and lead the team. Trubisky proves with this one little note from Sitton that he certainly checks that box. Trubisky has flashed great ability on the field. He has plenty of growth to go, but stories like this are nothing but positive signs for the rookie.