Favorite New Sentence- The Packers Stink.

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 06: Aaron Rodgers
GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 06: Aaron Rodgers /

Wait for it… Wait for it… The Green Bay Packers stink. That’s a wonderful thing to hear.

First of all, let me start this article by saying I never cheer for injuries. That being said, I should also mention I would rather face a team at full strength than one that is a shell of itself. The Chicago Bears face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I would rather face the Packers with Aaron Rodgers than without.

Beating the Packers without Rodgers is nice, but beating the Packers with Rodgers is a sweet accomplishment. However, it’s nobody’s fault in Chicago that Rodgers is hurt. He’s out, and the Bears can only play what’s in front of them, and what’s next is a matchup at home against the Rodgers-less Packers.

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One thing to mention about this Green Bay Packers team without Rodgers- they stink. I mean, they are lousy. This is a rotten football team. The Bears are expected to win, I can’t remember the last time that was the case.

After watching the Packers the last few games, it’s not like they would finish the year 7-9 if Rodgers missed the whole year, no, this team with Brett Hundley looks like a 3-13 football team. They are rudderless, lacking talent, and show no ability to make a play when they need to have one.

The display the Packers put on against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football was one of embarrassment. The Lions mopped the floor with Green Bay, and if it wasn’t for Detroit’s own shortcomings, the score would have been much, much worse.

If the Bears lose on Sunday, it will be a major blow to John Fox. It might be the type of loss that guarantees his firing at the end of the year. That’s how bad the Packers have sunk.

The roster is so inept without their quarterback, it does truly show how great Rodgers is. He is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the history of the sport. He might even be in the top five. He’s that good, and when this Packers team looks like a 12-4 team with him, and a 4-12 team without him, that show should you how great he is.

This roster is also an indictment on Ted Thompson. Thompson has walked on water in NFL circles for a long time. He’s widely considered one of the top GMs in the league, and when you have a winning record year after year, it’s hard not to consider him exactly that. But with the truth now visible about this roster, it’s  time to wonder just how many years Rodgers’ greatness was covering up Thompson’s flaws.

GREEN BAY, WI – NOVEMBER 06: Theo Riddick
GREEN BAY, WI – NOVEMBER 06: Theo Riddick /

This Packers’ offense is so inept, I really don’t know how they can score against this Bears’ defense. The Packers defense is so lacking in talent that it’s the type of unit that the Bears might even be able to exploit and let Mitch Trubisky throw the football around a little bit.

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears /

Chicago Bears

There aren’t many positives about this Packers’ roster and Mike McCarthy certainly isn’t coaching this team where they are outperforming their abilities. A Packers’ fan has nothing to be thankful for this November. Their team is rotten and headed for a losing record. Their star quarterback is injured, their GM and coach are being exposed and suddenly being a Bears fan doesn’t look so bad for those Cheeseheads.

The Packers stink. Say it with me, the Packers are a lousy football team. Shout it from the rooftops, the Packers are no better than the Cleveland Browns!

It’s not the fault of Bears’ fans that Rodgers got hurt. So take this opportunity and kick a Packers fan while he’s down. I would say take the high road, but what fun is that?

Now, John Fox and company, don’t let us down. Deliver the ‘W’ that Bears fans want so desperately.