Hot Take Tuesday: The Packers Stink, but the Bears Suck

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Davante Adams
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Davante Adams /

Hot Take Tuesday: The Incoherent Rantings of a Belligerent Bears fan.

FanSided’s policies state that I can’t curse. They want their articles to be family friendly articles that all ages can read and enjoy. Being a part of the FanSided Network, I, of course, will honor their policies and keep this article clean. But as you are reading this, wherever a four-letter word would fit, just assume it was there before I chose to be a team player and delete it.

Where to begin?

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Let’s get the challenge out-of-the-way first. It was moronic. Not to pat myself on the back, but the first thing I thought of when John Fox threw the challenge flag was that he was opening the door to be screwed by the NFL’s worst rule. The rule is stupid. There isn’t one sensical reason that if you fumble the ball out-of-bounds that the opponent should receive the ball. To me, you should get the ball on the 1 or 2-yard line, if you want to punish the team for the fumble and put the ball on the 10 or even the 20, fine, but to give the ball to the other team is ridiculous. That being said, that’s the current rule, Fox and his band of nitwits know the rules, yet some genius decided to get in Fox’s headset and said, “Hey, Foxy, let’s challenge here. What could go wrong?”

Even if it was a 90% chance that it would be ruled a touchdown and only a 10% chance at a touchback, why even risk it? Take it first and goal from the one, give the ball to Jordan Howard and get in the damn end zone. It’s amazing that happened. While Fox couldn’t have seen that from the sidelines so he can’t be blamed directly, he’s still responsible for the bozo upstairs that told him to challenge. It’s his staff.

Let’s bottom line the game, the Bears were not prepared to play football. The game plan from the coaches was nonexistent. I cannot fathom how this coaching staff had this team this flat coming off a bye playing their biggest rival. It makes no sense. Even if you are a rotten coaching staff, which clearly the Bears’ have, you still would think you could keep the team somewhat motivated. The whole thing was an absolute joke. Think about it, the Bears were rotten and outplayed in basically every aspect of the game, yet they had the ball with a minute to go down a touchdown with a chance to tie. That’s how bad the Packers are! The Bears were awful and the Packers couldn’t put them away. Despite that, the Bears couldn’t get it done.

After a game like this, I always hear fans wanting to blame the refs and how the refs hate us. Stop with the nonsense. NFL referees are not out to get the Chicago Bears, and if you believe that, you are probably a flat Earth truther too. The Bears have had a couple really bad calls go against them this season, but the reason they are so glaring is because the Bears put themselves in situations where nothing can go wrong for them to win. If the Bears won the game, would anyone complain about the Bearhug that Jordy Nelson put on Eddie Jackson on the Ty Montgomery TD? No, they wouldn’t. Bad calls happen to both teams, it just seems like the Bears are always on the receiving end of bad calls because they can’t overcome them. Good NFL teams can.

CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 12: Head coach John Fox of the Chicago Bears exchanges words with line judge Bart Longson
CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 12: Head coach John Fox of the Chicago Bears exchanges words with line judge Bart Longson /

I wrote something about the snap counts earlier this week. That’s really pissifying. How is Jordan Howard on the field for less than half the snaps? How is Tarik Cohen not playing? How is Benny Cunningham playing as much as Howard? How is Tre McBride parked on the bench? The list goes on and on. Did Dowell Loggains really go into Fox’s office this week and say, “Johnny, I got a great plan this week. Everyone expects us to give the ball to Howard and Cohen right? I’m going to play Cunningham instead, they’ll never see it coming!” What was the logic behind this decision?

Sure, Chris Spielman stated in the broadcast exactly what we’ve been saying for weeks, it’s not too hard to defend run run pass, run run pass, run run pass, every single time. Defensive coordinators can have a field day with an offense that predictable. That’s bad enough. But you assume most coaches understand playing their best players in the first step towards success. Apparently, the Bears coaches don’t even understand that.

This is one of the most frustrating Bears’ losses in some time. The only one that’s close is the Washington Redskins game late in 2015 where a win would have given the Bears a legitimate shot to push to 9-7 and make the playoffs, but instead, the Bears fell behind, had to come back and Robbie Gould missed a game-tying field goal. This one might be more frustrating because the Bears were on the cusp of really making positive strides, now the rest of the season is a mess and one giant question mark.

The Bears lost to the worst Packers team in probably 25 years. What a way to ruin a week. Nice job, John Fox.

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears /

Chicago Bears

Quick Hits

  • I love how the Bears are being conservative because they think they are protecting Trubisky, but all they are doing is putting him third and long and allowing defenses to blitz him and tee off on him.
  • Kyle Fuller had his worst game of the season by far, will be curious to see if he trends back into the doldrums or bounces back and plays like the top-notch CB he’s been all year.
  • Trubisky had his best game as a pro. There are so many negatives but that’s a big positive that we all have to remember.
  • Dontrelle Inman was a nice pickup. He gets actual separation on defensive backs, something none of the other wide receivers do, except for Bellamy, and he can’t catch.
  • I’m done with Hroniss Grasu. He’s a fine backup, but there’s no point to play him. He isn’t strong enough to start in the NFL. He has no push and the Bears can’t run up the middle when he’s in there.
  • Nick Kwiatkoski is a legit ILB. It will be great to watch him the next seven games.
  • The Bears depth along the offensive line is alarming. If they have their main five in, you can see the line play pretty well, if just one of them is banged up, everything falls apart.
  • Remember how much most fans hated Lovie Smith? He’s the best coach the Bears have had in 25 years and it’s not even close. What a sad state of affairs.