For Chicago Bears, it is not how they start, but how they finish

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Connor Barth
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Connor Barth /

The Chicago Bears started out hot in their Week 11 loss to the Detroit Lions, Of course, we know how they finished.

The Chicago Bears are a poorly coached, young, and inexperienced team. Everybody should know that by now. We know that because they have lost three straight after starting 3-4. We know that because they embarrassed themselves at home as favorites against a team they consider a big rival. And now, we know this by how the Bears were not only unable to close out the game, but the team even struggled to close out the first half.

This game came down to three drives.

Drive one came with about eight minutes to go in the first half. The Bears started the game hot, and just took a 17-7 lead, a two-score lead they have hardly seen. This had to be followed up by a seven-play, 86-yard touchdown drive where Matthew Stafford went 3-4 for 85 yards and a touchdown pass to Marvin Jones.

The Bears followed this drive up with a three and out.

From there, the Lions got the ball back with three minutes and 35 seconds to go. The Lions went on an eight play, 72-yard touchdown drive that featured Stafford going 5-6 for 58 yards and a touchdown. In seven minutes of game time, a 17-7 lead turned into a 21-17 deficit.

In the second half, the Bears again came out ready to compete. After a scoreless third quarter, the Lions kicked a field goal and the Bears responded with a game-tying touchdown.

This is where drive number three starts. The defense, the strength of the team is on the field at home in a tie game in the fourth quarter. This where a sack, a turnover, a three and outcomes and the Bears establish good field position.

Instead, Bears show how far away they are.

The Lions drained the clock from 5:02 to 1:35 and kicked the go-ahead field goal on a nine play 42-yard field goal drive. Stafford was 3-6 for 50 yards. Of

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course, in perfect Bears fashion, they did respond but ended the game on a missed field goal.

On these three drives, Stafford was 11-16 for 193 yards and two touchdowns. Over the other six drives, he was held in check to 10-15 for 106 yards.

The Bears are close. Talent wise, they hung with a 6-4 Lions team in a playoff race and should have beat them. However, losing three out of nine drives like that and having them cost the team in the ways they did show that they are still not there yet. The Bears have six more, and sitting at 3-7, the hope is that for once they can finish on a higher note than they start.