Hot Take Tuesday: And with that loss, the season comes to a close.

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 19: Connor Barth
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 19: Connor Barth /

Hot Take Tuesday: The Incoherent Rantings of a Belligerent Bears fan.

Wait, it’s Wednesday?

Call me stupid. Go ahead, fill up the comments. Call me what I am. I am stupid. I bought into the positivity around the Chicago Bears. I really, truly believed the Chicago Bears would be sitting with a 5-5 record right now. I thought, without Aaron Rodgers, they would handle the Green Bay Packers rather easily, and I figured they would be good with a season split with the Detroit Lions. I thought the Bears would be 5-5 and there would be a little bit of a buzz around a team that had won 4 of 5.

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But the truth is, that didn’t happen. The Bears embarrassed themselves against Green Bay, and while they were competitive against Detroit, they proved they couldn’t hold onto a lead and this time, it was the defense that let them down.

First, let me take a minute and talk about some of the great moments of Connor Barth’s Bears career.


Welcome to Chicago, Cairo Santos. Santos might not have the biggest leg in the world, but it’s accurate and he makes sure the ball goes where the Bears need it to- through the uprights. Barth was a terrible decision at the time and an even worse one to keep him around. The only silver lining is that the rest of the Bears team wasn’t ready to win football games, so keeping Barth around didn’t really cost them anything, but how he was on the roster as long as he was is beyond me. That’s a mistake by Ryan Pace and John Fox, and it’s a bad one.

The Leonard Floyd injury sucks. I don’t think there’s another adjective that works better than sucks. Is sucks an adjective or a verb? I guess it’s a verb. Damn, grammar. Regardless, the injury sucks. I know the season is over, but Floyd has shown so much promise over his first two seasons, but this is now the second consecutive season that Floyd has failed to finish. His durability has to start becoming a concern.

I could sit here and rant and rave about the coaching, but it’s not worth my effort. This entire staff needs to go, and a game like that one also shows that Vic Fangio isn’t bulletproof either. He has flaws himself. The game plans continue to be suspect. It’s amazing what happens when you put your better plays on the field (a la Tarik Cohen). I could continue to beat the dead horse, but there’s no point.

Hey, the Philadelphia Eagles and Bears are playing this week. Has anyone thought about the whole Alshon Jeffery vs his old team thing? That seems to be just about completely off the radar. Remember, last year Alshon Jeffery said he would win a Super Bowl next year (now this year), so perhaps he was right.

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears /

Chicago Bears

Quick Hits

  • The Bears offensive line might have had their best game of the season as a unit.
  • Jordan Howard is quietly among the league leaders in rushing yards again, even though nobody talks about him nationally.
  • Dontrelle Inman needs to be re-signed for next season. He can play.
  • Adam Shaheen will become Mitch Trubisky’s goal line security blanket, he will probably score 8 touchdowns in 2018.
  • Mitch Unrein continues to have another nice season. He would be a phenomenal rotational player, but as a starter, he’s nothing flashy but gets the job done.
  • Nick Kwiatkoski made another couple plays. He’s constantly buzzing around the ball.
  • Without Leonard Floyd, the Bears will not be generating any form of pass rush other than Akiem Hicks, so don’t be surprised if the secondary doesn’t look quite as sharp over the next six games.
  • I still think the Bears go 6-10, which would be a 3-3 finish, which hopefully is something to build on. As long as buidling on 2017 doesn’t mean John Fox in 2018.