The Chicago Bears need Danny Trevathan–and they need him bad.

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Danny Trevathan
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Danny Trevathan /

Without Danny Trevathan in the lineup the Chicago Bears are in trouble

Danny Trevathan is the man who patrols the middle of the Bears defense. Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, Trevathan has been out of the lineup due to a calf issue. While the Bears have not reported what the injury specifically is or when he could potentially be back, here is what we do know; Trevathan has not played in the last two games against the Packers and Lions, meaning it’s likely that the injury occurred in the game against the Saints, before the bye week.

All throughout the season, it’s been clear that when Trevathan isn’t playing, the Bears defense looks completely lost at times. What’s clearly noticeable is the Bears defenses inability to communicate effectively. In games where Trevathan hasn’t played, either due to injury or suspension, the Bears have blown coverages and looked lost at times altogether which has led to opponents scoring late touchdowns. Take for example the one-game absence against the Minnesota Vikings, where Trevathan was suspended for that brutal hit on Packers wide receiver DaVante Adams the week before. The Bears allowed a late-game rushing touchdown, due to the inability of the defense to communicate who needs to be exactly where. Looking back at games against the Ravens and Panthers–two games where Trevathan was playing–the Bears defense was so much more effective. In addition to creating a plethora of turnovers, the Bears defense didn’t allow a single

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So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Trevathan might just be the Bears most important player on defense. His ability to create plays, communicate and the passion he plays with are all things which allow for the Bears defense to play like a top-ten unit. Everytime number fifty-nine suits up, the difference in how the Bears play is so noticeable. Let’s just hope Danny T suits up this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.