Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson weakness exposed

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Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson proved on Sunday that he still has a lot to work on to become a complete safety

Chicago Bears rookie safety Eddie Jackson has been a revelation all season. A fourth-round pick coming off of a broken leg, Jackson was not even supposed to be a starter as a rookie. If he finished the season just returning punts it would have been a successful year. Needless to say, he has shattered expectations, with 11 starts at safety, giving Ryan Pace supporters an argument to trust his process. However, on Sunday he showed the pains of being a rookie, and what he will need to be working on as he transitions into year two so that his career truly does turn into one that Pace can call a hit.

Missed Tackles

Eddie Jackson is a center fielder. He has sideline to sideline range and ball skills. Mixed in with Adrian Amos, it is a good fit. However, coming down into the box to take on ball carriers has been where he has struggled. It was on full display on Sunday and had cost the team at times.

LeGarette Blount

This was negated by a fumble and turned into a positive result, however you can bet that Jackson is not getting praise in film review. Blount turns a 35-yard run into a play that Jackson had a chance to stop at six yards. He takes a bad angle, Blount, who does not have great agility, beats him to a spot and Jackson misses badly, falling off of Blount.

Corey Clement

On a first and ten, Carson Wentz dumps to Corey Clement. Clement gets to the next level, forcing Jackson to make a tackle in space. Jackson is able to get him towards the sideline. However, he takes a poor angle doing so. In the process Clement picks up big yards and has the leverage and strength to push Jackson backward for three extra yards, securing the first down.

Nelson Agholor

After giving up a big play and a first down, we see a touchdown surrendered due to the poor tackling from the rookie from Alabama. The Eagles run a screen to Nelson Agholor. The play pins Agolor up with Jackson in open space one-on-one. Agholor breaks Jackson down, Jackson gives up the outside and now is chasing the slot receiver to the end zone.

It was known coming into the season that this was the weaker side to Jackson’s game. The scheme tries to limit the number of times he is forced to make tackles in space, and if the front seven does their job well enough, this is

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an even more rare occurrence. However, good teams will expose this. That was shown very clearly on Sunday. How Jackson progresses in this area will prove as to whether or not Jackson can become an overall well-rounded safety.