Can Chicago Bears running backTarik Cohen please be involved this week?

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Tarik Cohen /

Will the Chicago Bears do the right thing with their rookie weapon for once?

The Chicago Bears coaching staff has gotten enough criticism. However, if they blow a home game against the San Francisco 49ers against a quarterback who has been with the team for less than a month, it goes on the coaches much more than the players. There is a potential mismatch that the Bears can expose all game if they would like. However, it requires playing someone they have struggled to find a role for essentially since week one.

Tarik Cohen has played over 20 snaps just once since October 15th. If there is ever going to be a week to play him, this is it. The 49ers struggle overall against the pass, ranking 29th in passing efficiency. However, one of their primary weaknesses is to pass-catching backs.

They are the most targeted team when it comes to running backs in the passing game and they give up the most yards. In play-by-play efficiency, they rank 29th in the NFL. Their linebackers are better against the run, and while their safeties have them at fifth overall against tight ends, they give it all back up to pass-catching backs.

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The first sentence said it all. All of the other teams are doing it. Do not over think it, 10 teams have proven that it is effective. The Bears can even run their favorite multiple tight end sets. These tight ends can take up the attention of the safeties, putting Cohen is plus matchups for the entirety of the game.

It is tough to say the game plan in the NFL is simple, but for the Chicago Bears, it may need to be spelled out. Put Tarik Cohen in the game and let him have a strong performance in a plus matchup. Please.